What is all the Hydro Hype?!

What is hydro seeding?

Hydroseeding is a process in which a cellulose or wood fiber mulch is combined with a high quality seed, starter fertilizer, and water to make a thick slurry inside the tank. There are many benefits to applying seed in this manner to include the following:
Fertilizer and nutrients are mixed directly in with the mulch
The mulch absorbs more water an acts as a protective cover and water source for quick germination of the seed
Different types of seeds can be applied to different applications and proper environments
Provides a thick, drought tolerant lawn from the root up
Fast germination, usually within 10 days and full germination after approximately a month

How its applied?

The slurry is then pumped through an 1.25’’ hose and applied directly to the soil in an evenly spread manner
The slurry can be sprayed up to 100’ from the end of the hose
This allows for certain areas like steep slopes and hard to reach areas to be seeded, compared to conventional seeding

When to use

New construction home builds
Septic systems
Existing lawns that are covered with crabgrass or weeds.
Erosion control and soil stabilization
Slopped hill or lawn
Retention ponds
J. M Mathieu Hydroseeding
is a Lunenburg, MA based company. We specialize in residential lawn care services. These services range from hydro seeding, soil preparation, land excavation and erosion control.

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